About Us

On December 18th, 2020, Ntmer Technologies was founded as a high-tech start-up with a focus on the 5G intelligent computing market.

Robin Ma, CEO of Robo & Kala has a strong background in the ICT sector. He also founded and oversaw the notebook computer division of the Xiaomi Group for more than 20 years. Our top talents came from Apple and other high-end businesses with decades of experience in computer engineering sector.

Our company's first product, Robo & Kala, represents human and machine integration in the Internet of Everything era and our determination to break with tradition and keep innovating. Robo stands for intelligent devices and technology, while Kala stands for people. This is also a representation of the value of our company: Tech products should serve our consumers, being an integral part of people’s everyday life and bringing more convenience and pleasure.

As the first company to employ the 5nm Windows PC platform, we work hard to give our customers the most trending technology. But, this is not all that we strive for. Additionally, we wish to support our users in living more flexibly and productively. So that our users can capture their inspirations whenever and wherever they like. That’s way we make Robo & Kala the world's thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 laptop.

Being a tech company, technological innovations are the foundation of our development. Ntmer Technology has received several patents for our work in the design of structures and continues to develop new products in fields such as ARM processor computer systems, digital image compression, transmission algorithms, 5G communication technology, cloud-integrated computing power, AI computing power, etc.

The journey continues beyond this point. Ntmer has created the 5G Video-Control Box, a cutting-edge, industry-leading 5G Video Transmission Control System (NX2). This high- performance system is an industry-level airborne communication terminal that provides ultra- long-range, real-time, high-definition video transmission and real-time control functions specifically designed for UAVs and other mechanical equipment. We are committed to incorporating the most advanced technology into our future products to ensure that our users have the best product experience possible.